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Best Language-Learning Software Featured in this Roundup:

The torrent will only work if someone else is letting you download it. I feel like it's easier for me to grasp the concept like from context clues or from visualizing. Direct translating makes it dry and harder for me when it comes to speaking. And then there is always the chance that what you download is patched with a rootkit that will get installed on your computer along with it.

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  • Best Language-Learning Software Featured in this Roundup:!
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  • Best Language-Learning Software Featured in this Roundup:.
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Continue this thread. More posts from the languagelearning community. Mar 1, Cake Day. This is a subreddit for anybody interested in the pursuit of languages. All are welcome, whether beginner or polyglot. Terms Content policy Privacy policy Mod policy. Your native language won't play a part at all, and you'll be engaged actively. The teaching sequence places a higher focus on speech and thought, but it also effectively balances reading and writing.

Levels feature hours of instructional content, 50 hours in each level, that will teach you the skills to enjoy social interactions, like travel, shopping, and sharing your ideas and opinions.

Rosetta Stone - Learn Languages without translation

Level 1 teaches basic conversational skills, such as greetings, introductions, and simple questions and answers. Level 2 focuses on getting around, making and receiving phone calls, and making reservations.

enter Level 3 presents scenarios in health and well-being, celebratory events, and making measurements. You'll learn to ask for a band-aid, interact at birthday parties, purchase the right proportions at a deli, and the like. You'll start speaking in the very first lesson. In each one you'll be introduced to situations where you'll learn to understand the relevant language skills.

Included with your purchase is a 3-month free trial of Rosetta Stone's TOTALe mobile app service, which you can use to progress through the hours of lessons on a phone or tablet.

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  8. As you find most convenient for you, you can switch between your home computer and TOTALe in completing the lessons. TOTALe additionally offers interactive learning games and live online sessions with other learners on your level. Levels can be installed on up to two computers, not limited to one location, for up to five usernames, and the TOTALe trial is for one user. Users must be at least 13 years of age to use this package.

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