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Unfortunately we couldn't find a Minecraft version suitable for your device. Play Minecraft on these Devices: If you want to play with your friends on a private server, you can do so in two ways. Search for:.

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Muzzers 9 June Great Launcher but can you add support for more than 4GB Plz I find myself using my older launcher because of this problem. De5tr01er 21 July My place of work has blocks on the internet, as most businesses do, is there a way to play offline without them knowing? GamerNerdess 14 March So all I'm seeing is no "Anywhere" option and whenever I try to open up the jar, it will not allow me because I can't click the "Anywhere" option since there is no option.

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I have the newest mac system. Is there anyway around that? I've tried downloading the exe, but doing that won't work either. Then it outright refuses to update my Java to the newest version. I've downloaded what I need to and ran it. My entire skin was missing.

I noticed this before when I was playing a multiplayer server, every living entity was invisible. My friend was literally a floating name tag. I decided that I would offload the app to refresh it. So I had no choice but to delete the game. I made a fresh new world when I got it again, and yet the mobs were invisible.

I love Minecraft. I can only change into one normal skin, and one slim skin. If I try to change after picking a skin When it asks if I want my skin to be normal or slim it keeps the skin I was before on screen, forcing me to pick it. If I want to change my skin sometimes I have to leave the game completely. This is really annoying when trying to role-play with friends.

My friend also complained about the skins not working. Not sure if other people are having problems with this, other than my friend and I, but I just wanted to say something about it. Hopefully this will be fixed soon. All the girl hair, in my opinion, looks off. I dunno, the whole change with the skins is driving me nuts. It was fine how it was. Please fix this miner mistake.

Pun intended -Random Minecraft Fan. Requires iOS 8. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Minecraft 1.6.2 SEUS Mod for MAC!