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Sukwasa Lerskiatphanich. I used to have this problem too. After many things to try, uninstall and reinstall htc sync, etc, I've finally found the solution. Then I've tried and it is unbelievable that it my laptop can find and sync everything immediately. After wasting my time for about 3 days to find out this problem, it's really work.

Other cables allow you to connect the phone, see it through "File Explorer", transfer files, etc. But they don't always allow Sync Manager to connect. So Non-HTC cables will sometimes work, but not always. Well jumped the gun. Quite irritating. It backs up all the stuff on your phone, as well as allows you to view and edit the contents. And it works with all Android, not just HTC.

No way I'll ever find the ONE cord Thanks a lot. It worked, I use Android for wide compatibility and they give you this crap - annoying - no more HTC for me. Show 1 more comment. Karthik Rengarajan. The simplest solution i have found is to make sure HTC Sync manager on the PC is of the same version the phone is looking for. Looks like if the versions are different the phone does not get detected. Paul Finch. I tried absolutely everything for hours to connect to pc. I thought it has to be the charging jack in my M7 that's faulty.

Bought a new charge port flex off eBay and fitted it. Turns out that it was the problem.! The other symptom was a "Slow Charging" notification always came up even when connected to my HTC charger. That's what led me to believe the jack was faulty. Spencer Flower. Ron Mexico ronmexico. So I've done this 3 times now, don't ask. First time, my PC wouldn't read phone the phone at all. No clue, computer stupid, and I tripped over a pop up window from my AVG ant-virus that showed the different drivers and connections.

Maybe 5 total, and only 1 was connected.

[Q] HTC Sync Manager Doesn't See Phone (SOLV… | AT&T HTC One (M7)

Again, computer dumb but I was able to adjust some settings in the antivirus and firewall, color coordinated. This time 2 it connected PC and mobile instantly..

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AFter all the updates to 4. Download HTC Sync, and let that app install the drivers for the new device. Most likely, your PC thinks it's the old M7, and things are getting screwed up there. If I'm using both services, is this useless redundancy?

The only added benefit of this is to have another backup solution. If you are using Google Drive and Backup to make regular backups then you should be fine, but it never hurts to have another failsafe. It automatically saves everything on C: and this is more than disturbing.. I've been working on this for days to get it fixed and at certain points I was considering to get the USB connector on my phone replaced.

Here is my solution: delete all HTC software, including drivers. Then update drivers from all the possible USB ports on your pc. It will take a while to find all the appropriate drivers. Reboot your pc. Plug in usb cable to your computer and then plug the USB cable in your phone. What will happen, is that Windows will find and install all the drivers for your phone, and then, WAM, your phone will be recognised and stay recognised.

Need help!

Why cant my phone connect with htc sync manager?

I recently broke the LCD of my htc one lte phone so i had it replaced. Which file are you trying to replace. If you are looking to replace photos and music you can place them into the folders on your One's internal storage through HTC Sync. File transfer: I've never had a problem with other phones, just plug in the USB cable and usually the SD card or other phone storage pops up on the desktop without special software.

But what does HTC do? You have to get the special HTC Manager but it doesn't work right. Notice that the software opens automatically when a phone is connected and then tells you that "No phone is connected".

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  • Also note that without your permission the software begins scanning your harddrive for your music files and storing thumbnails of music art for which you didn't ask. What you don't get is simple access to the folders and files note grayed out option. Please enable JavaScript to watch this video. Sign Up. Search instead for. Did you mean:.

    Hi, I'm using a mac and downloaded HTC sync manager to transfer files to the phone it works ok bit buggy crashes often, I'd prefer not to use sync manager. Is there a way to access the internal memory of the phone without using sync manager I don't mean an alternative to the HTC software but I find it weird when I plug the phone into my computer it doesn't mount as external storage, has it something to do with USB debugging? View more options. Find other posts tagged with: files. Accepted Solutions. Moderator Retired.

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    I'm not sure on this one. I'll leave this one open to the community for suggestions. Regards, DSky.