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Generating text-to-speech using Audition

Would you like to record a story for you kid to read tonight? Would you like naturally sounding subtitles for a film you want to watch with your family? Would you like to listen to your books or documents while:. It is easy. Recording a text will take few moments only. Create an account, purchase credits and you are ready to making an audio file.

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VoiceOver and Text To Speech for Mac OS X

On the Mac you can enable a context menu to generate text to speech audio files. The built-in voices on mac are really easy to access from textedit or notepad or whatever it's called Software for Computer-ish Voice? After about 1. I am having much more trouble finding a way to a record, not play b cartoon voices on c Windows.

NeoSpeech is now ReadSpeaker

I spent all the time downloading it to find this out. I won't be purchasing. Read reply 1. Hello, The built in voice in Windows is not the best sounding. There are many higher quality voices available that you can try free for 30 days. Click on the Voices button inside the software.

How To Add Speech Bubbles To Your Photos

If i can't try a program forget it. Both were decent for Text to speech. The Natural Reader is a little better since it has more voices, and on their website, the trial of the paid version sounded pretty good with their upgraded paid software, but good with basic voices. It also has a tool bar so if you want to read a web page, you don't have to cut and paste. Read replies 3. The trial worked fine for me. However, for me it would only be worth the price if it came with at least one professional voice.

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I don't like being charged twice, once for the program then again for a better voice. Alternative for Speakonia it no longer works on my computer. They have the same voices and can do the same voices. It can also prevent eyestrain from small text. How are you supposed to uninstall it? I'll try Add and Remove Programs next Pretty good overall. I reccommend it- Speakonia sometimes malfunctions on computers.

Easy to use, reads all formats- docx, pdf, html, the best pronounciation of all the text to speech software I have tested. One of the most useful software products I have and I use it daily to read out loud my documents and reports emailed to me - and it is great for proof reading before I send out material to anyone.

chlorhapsimosi.cf I purchased 3 voices - one English, one Spanish and one French - all are very human sounding and understand punctuation and emphasis correctly for each language. The MP3 conversion is useful for taking documents to go, makes my commute time productive. Nice voices. Easy use. Few clic PDF to mp3. Far the best I have tried. Draconia go home. Would like more voices to choose from. Like a younger woman voices - with English accent of course, just like Amy Besides that non cons comes to mind.

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Very very nice professional voices to be downloaded and integrated easily with the program. Easy and quick convertion of all text to mp3, for convinient listening in the car Now I can hear all the interesting files within my computer I never would read anyway, while driving at work:-]. Installs more then just itself programs not virusses Contains no uninstall! The CPU voice is really bad, not human at all. Not advisable, the full version might be better, if it isn't i would not recoomend to buy. Hey, CNET folks, text-to-speech is not voice recognition software. That is speech-to-text like Dragon Naturally Speaking.

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