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Your Personal Cloud Create your own personal cloud, without the monthly fees and mysterious location of your data. Store your media and files on the drive and access them securely over the Internet.

WD 8TB My Book Live Duo Personal Cloud Storage Network Drive

Or, use WD's mobile apps for easy access with your smartphone or tablet. It's like having up to 8 TB of extra storage for your mobile device. RAID 1 Technology. Set this system to data protection mode also known as mirrored mode or RAID 1 and the capacity is divided in half. Half of the capacity is used to store your data and the other half is used for a duplicate copy.

In the unlikely event that one drive fails, your data is protected because it's duplicated on the other drive.

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Drive Spanning Out of the box, this two-drive system combines both drives into one large volume, serving as one drive for maximum capacity. Complete Out-of-the-Box Solution. My Book Live Duo comes complete with two desktop hard drives offering high-capacity, low power consumption and cool, quiet operation.

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The drives are factory tested within the enclosure for optimized performance. Shared Storage The perfect dual-drive solution for centralizing and sharing data on your wired or wireless network. Connect My Book Live Duo to your wireless router to share and access videos, music, photos and important files with any PC or Mac computer on your network.

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  • Every time you save something, it's instantly backed up. Mac users can utilize all the features of Apple Time Machine backup software to protect their data. Watch your daughter's birthday party video or show off your vacation slideshow on your TV.

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    DLNA 1. I have a Macbook Pro running Yosemite. It sees the mybook live in finder but will not connect. I also can not connect to the dashboard. I have tried downloading the set up software and again it sees the drive but will not connect???

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    I can access the drive and dashboard from 2 ipads, my phone, an imac and a windows laptop all on the same network??? If I sign in on My Cloud it can see the drive but once again when you try and connect it fails.

    You're Missing Out: Personal Cloud Storage

    I have even tried mounting it and unmounting it from terminal and it says successful but cant actually get to anything? For a long while I was able to access the share on NAS from both computers no problem, but I recently came under a unique attack on my network router that redirected my web traffic to Russian dating and porn sites even though I never changed any setting on either the Windows or OS X computers.

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    • To cut a long story short my solution was to do a hard reset of the router back to factory defaults then set up a new Wi-Fi network with more strict security settings. I have updated the Wi-Fi settings on all devices on my home network, and I am writing this question on the very iMac I have the issue on, so that all devices can reconnect to the internet. Finder initially sees the folder shares, but when trying to open them I get an error saying the share cannot be found. Indeed the only setting that has changes is the IP address my router has designated it. I have left a similar community question on the Apple support forums, but to cover all bases in case it is a WD issue I have also decided to post here as well. Have you tried setting up a static IP on the device?