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The program has a lot to offer, especially for new users, and because of it, it finds itself bundled with a lot of Linux distributions by default.

Features for HexChat include multi-server support, automatic connections, a built-in spelling checker, support for scripting in multiple languages Perl, Lua, and Python , and more. Best of all, you may already have it installed. Open it up and give it a go. Instead, Pidgin is an open source, multi-platform chat client.

Best IRC Clients for Mac OS X:

Users that casually dabble in IRC may want to try out Pidgin for their needs. Like most clients, the program has support for chat history, multiple server connections, aliases, etc. Of course, your choice will also depend on what operating system you use.

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The installation is basic, the client itself is lightweight, and the customization options are plentiful. This potent and speedy IRC client is lightweight with extended capabilities at your leisure. With a large amount of plug-ins and scripts in addition to the included features, WeeChat is probably one of the best options in general. Fortunately, it is available on almost every operating system as well.

Textual: IRC for macOS

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I've never split it up, I just use the "all-in-one" package usually. Might take the time to deploy the detached server on DO sometime. For me: I was using it for Slack. Maybe that would be a nice way for friends to get comfortable with IRC?

7 Best IRC Clients for Linux

You still can, with Wee- Slack https: Oh sorry, I just meant a way to get friends comfortable with IRC by having a simple doc that says how to use Glowing Bear in front of a simple weechat config so that they could easily move to IRC vs. I've seen the wee-chat-slack plugin, but it feels wrong using a normal IRC client to a heavy web stack. If you have a Mac, Textual is a great IRC client although their upgrade policy is a bit frustrating, in that upgrades don't seem to be free for life, only discounted. Textual and Colloquy are tolerable at best.

For Mac, Colloquy is quite good: I think Textual looks cleaner and is more functional than Textual - probably because the Textual team picks and chooses what Mac app design cues to use. Was the second instance of "textual" out of the 3 meant to say something else? Ha - good catch.

Textual also includes…

Colloquy not Textual. I was on the John. I prefer Limechat for macOS. At least to me anyway.

And it has themes. I already commented on this, but have you tried Colloquy for Mac?

Install mIRC on Mac OSX

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